Discussion on ancient and medieval history as represented by Armati 2 on the tabletop was considerably enhanced by warflute.org over a period of time. Sadly, the demise of Warflute has left a gap for our enjoyment and discussion on many topics relating to army characteristics and make-up as well as rule related topics and the challenge of representing perceived capabilities within the armati approach.

A treasure trove of information has been lost to our community. Although many of the developed army lists have been reclaimed through different means - including a full copy captured by the warfloot author - the momentum of developing historical research within the armati community has understandably diminished.

The opportuinty to present historical research, develop different army lists, raise rule questions, discuss differing scenarios and test proposals for new rule variants have all diminished without a focal point for our shared interests. The birth of this new website is hopefully a means to resolve this loss.

The choice of warfloot.org stems from a natural alliteration of warflute to give some continuity for our shared interest. But it recognises the acronym that FLOOT provides for Full Life-cycle Object Oriented Testing too. More details will emerge from this connection but I plan to introduce a new aspect of developing appropriate rules to be tested for the best tabletop representation of ancient and medieval armies in due course.

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