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This site is for historical research, discussion and tabletop representation of ancient and medieval warfare 2000BC - 1450AD.

Much credit for this website belongs with and armati 2. Although no longer exists will now provide a platform for ongoing research and discussion.

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We are working to include the following features:

Work being undertaken to provide participation

Content being considered and developed

a developing site in the making
  • Wiki Editing
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Calendar of Events
  • Possible RSS Integration
  • News and Articles
  • Historical Blogs
  • File Repository & Management
  • Collaborative Wiki
Main objectives for

Keeping going with more and more features

a working site to develop research and rules
  • to extend and present interest in armati 2 and beyond
  • to include articles
  • to encourage forum discussion
  • to share photo galleries
  • to provide new army lists and research
  • to ask rule questions
  • to propose and provide rule variants
  • to explore new ideas
  • to develop new thinking for historical representation

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