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a forum to provide information about this site, to propose new ideas and to discuss relevant challenges
8 Tue 31 of May, 2011 21:00 UTC
Re: User names by syagrius
armati 2 rules
a forum to ask questions and discuss interpretations of current rules
63 Fri 21 of Oct., 2011 22:18 UTC
Re: dismounted camels by aligern
army lists
a forum to propose army lists related to historical research for ongoing discussion
89 Mon 20 of Feb., 2012 16:20 UTC
Re: Early Achaemenid Persian Sparabara infantry by markg
army lists for tournaments including BRITCON
a forum to provide army lists specific to tournament play
37 Tue 22 of May, 2012 13:18 UTC
Re: tournament lists by markg
development of rule variants
a forum for proposing new frameworks to represent different rule mechanisms
28 Thu 01 of Sep., 2011 06:11 UTC
Re: Renaissance by markg
experimental army lists
a forum for experimental lists or historically specific lists for separate consideration
1 Mon 14 of Mar., 2011 13:54 UTC
Early Vedic Indian c.1900/1500-c.900BC by ocahan
figures, books, painting and reviews
a forum to inform, review and comment on different aspects relating to our interests
3 Fri 13 of Sep., 2013 19:31 UTC
Just want to say Hello! by helenaifo
other burning topics to be considered
a forum to present other issues including strategy, tactics and the impact of terrain
18 Wed 04 of Jan., 2012 09:48 UTC
2012 Armati dates by markg

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